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About us

Our vision is and always will be to create luxurious, soulful products to guide women everywhere home to a deeper sense of self. From the depths of our souls to yours, we infuse each product we create with heart, soul and divine connection.

We hope you return to this space whenever you need to heal, connect deeper within yourself, or to simply just be.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here.

alex + aidan xx

In August of 2018 I moved halfway across the world to Australia to be with Aidan, the love of my life and long distance partner of 2 years.

Four months later we gave birth to our first daughter, Aurora.

Together with Aidan and little Aurora on my hip, we tapped into our passion for the metaphysical realm and so was born The Mindful Collective… as it happens, right in the midst of my journey with intense postnatal anxiety.

I was very much at rock bottom, yet I could still see and feel the silver lining of what this brand was meant to be… and more importantly, who it was meant to be for.

So I immersed myself into the world of feminine embodiment. I dedicated my days to refining the darkest corners of my mind and the depths of my spirit. Slowly and then very quickly, I began to rise. Then… slowly, and also very quickly, our business began to soar.

We hope The Mindful Collective inspires you to feel connected to your deepest sense of self, freedom, and knowing.

We hope our products awaken your Goddess within. Wherever you may be on your journey, we hope our brand helps you to remember the truest, most divine purpose for which you were created.