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Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations
Zoom Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations

Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations

$39.95 USD

Call in your most abundant & prosperous life

Manifest the abundance of your dreams into reality...

Attract abundance by combing the power of positive daily affirmations & potent healing crystals in our stunning healing crystals set.

Inside Your Prosperity Crystals Set:

  • 50 Affirmation Cards
  • Citrine Cluster
  • Raw Aventurine
  • Peach Moonstone, Tumbled
  • Honey Calcite, Raw
  • Desert Stone, Raw
  • Tiger’s Eye, Raw
  • Selenite Tower
  • Keepsake Wooden Box

New to using healing crystals, or looking for a refresher in how crystals can help amplify & cleanse your energy? Receive a free downloadable e-guide with your purchase.

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Each of our products is conceptualized and designed in-house by Aidan & Alexandra. When needed, we hire local small businesses across all aspects of design - graphics, photography, website. We source all products & crystals from top suppliers across the world. Our crystals are hand selected and ethically sourced from Madagascar, Caribbean, Mexico, China, and Brazil.

Prosperity Crystal Set with 50 Affirmations

$39.95 USD



In this kit we've curated 7 of the most potent crystals thought to cultivate wealth, abundance, and prosperity alongside 50 empowering affirmations to help you reframe fear, remove money blocks, call in prosperity, and live the live of your most abundant dreams.


It is thought that crystals hold their own vibrational frequency. By using our crystals in your spiritual practice or placing them throughout your home, you can match your own vibration to that of the crystals and cultivate success & wealth in your life.


Feeling stuck in your head, need a confidence boost, or maybe letting fear run the show a little too much? Pull a card (or two ;) from this deck and feel inspired + uplifted to overcome any obstacle standing in your way.


Looking for a meaningful gift with depth and soul? This beautiful Prosperity Crystals & Affirmations Set makes a thoughtful gift for beginner spirit junkies or highly awakened souls who desire to elevate their spiritual practices.



This kit is especially designed for use during your Intention Setting or Manifestation Ritual.

However this looks for you - whether it be meditation, yoga, reiki, or simply placing the crystals & affirmations throughout your home - is perfect.


Whether it's on a display shelf, coffee table, entryway, bedside table, in your bathroom or in a designated sacred space... Your crystals can be placed in the spaces of your home where you know they'll lift the vibration & spark joy.

Place your affirmations on your bedside table, vision board, or on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself just how amazing you truly are.


Both crystals and affirmations can be incredibly supportive to use during gatherings such as women's circles, full moon ceremonies, or group meditation. Use them to attune, cleanse, or set the mood & energy of the group.



Did you know we've created free e-guides to help you understand what each crystal can be used for + when to use it? Head to our instagram @themindfulxcollective bio to download them today.


Cleansing your crystals or space doesn't have to be complicated. Some may prefer to light sage, gently waving it around your space or crystals until the energy feels reset. Others may perfer to cleanse with the cycles of the moon. For more detailed practices around cleansing your crystals, head to our Blog article, "The 101 of Cleansing Crystals".


Above all, the energy behind our intentions is most important in setting the stage for any ritual. Before incorporating crystals into your practice, tune into how you want to feel. Often, your intuition will guide you to choose crystals to support you based on this.

Chakra Healing

Balance, refine, and feel connected to your energy within.

Soul Connection

Connect to who you came here to be.

Authentic Healing Crystals

Hand picked, always top quality, & certified for authenticity just for you.

Thoughtful & curated…

Impeccable quality.

We know this is important to you, babe. Each of the 7 crystals in your kit is hand selected from only the finest grade, authentic & premium quality crystals on the market.

Set the perfect mood…

Shift your energy with empowering affirmations.

We know life isn't always sunshine & butterflies. Alongside your crystals, this Prosperity Kit comes with a deck of 50 affirmations written + channeled to lift your vibration and remind you of the infinite power that lives within . you.

This is a beautiful set and a treasured gem to add to your chakra collection. The affirmation cards are a nice touch with positive inspiration. The quality of the stones in this set are superior and this set is amongst my favorite. The seller is great to work with and very helpful. This set has great energy and I will definitely consider purchasing more in the future!

Elenee TorresJuly 19, 2022

I bought this as a gift, it was a big hit because it's not the normal crystal set. Very unique and I loved that. The cards are beautiful and very nice quality, a great bonus to this very lovely set. Highly recommend gifting to the beloved crystal collector.

DoreenSeptember 5, 2021

This is an awesome box of crystals to get started! Not only was everything packaged so well but the selenite, citrine and honey calcite pieces are bigggg. Those alone are worth the money. And the cards that come with are very pretty and high quality!

MavenParadoxAugust 22, 2022

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Why our candles are better!

Are the crystals authentic?

Absolutely. We source and handpick only the highest quality + grade of crystals on the market.

Where do you source your crystals from?

Our healing crystals are sourced across the world - Africa, Brazil, China, Mexico, and in some cases the Caribbean.

What crystals are in the candle?

The crystals inside the all natural soy candle are Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Clear Quartz point. You can refer back to the photos in our listing for size — they’re quite large once the wax is melted.

What is the scent of the candle?

Our all-natural soy candle is a soothing blend of lavender & vanilla.

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